Shades of Blue

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4 reviews for Shades of Blue

  1. Douglas gips

    Great song .great person

  2. C4

    OUTSTANDING ! Wendy has such a way of rocking into another place and time; both of a distant memory and also of future enjoyment!! This song exemplifies how she can marry style, creativity and intelligent thoughtfulness into her craft of wordsmithing and melodic chord structure. I love it ! great song !

  3. Susan Rice

    Very beautiful and emotional song by a lovely singer that I am honored to know and have heard her sing live on many occasions. Very talented guitarist and singer – love her new release that I am purchasing.

  4. Rebecca Salvat

    This is a spectacular song! A beautifully and we’ll named song. For out of Blues the best written music is created. A very beautiful soul , talented writer and fantabulous singer!

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